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Cowboy Santa

Santa returns to Studio Benton November 11-12 for our Cowboy Santa Christmas theme. Santa will play and share the joy of Christmas with your children while we capture candid and formal portraits, both with and without Santa. We will spend time sharing your child(s) wish list with Santa, reviewing the nice list and reading The Night Before Christmas… all with Santa. Each child will also receive a small gift. Santa portrait sessions last 20 minutes.

Our simple shiplap set will include rustic Texas decor. Santa will be wearing his vintage crimson suit with shiny brass buckles.  He will have his coat hanging on the wall showing off his Santa suspenders, his cowboy boots and santa cowboy hat. This will be a truly Texas/Cowboy Santa experience for your children.

Santa collections are customized to meet your Christmas wish list. No session fee. Minimum order is $99.